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Concerned about the state of your garage roof? Worried that a leaking garage roof might cause damage to the interior including your motor vehicles? Garage roof repair Abune The Hill provides expedient and affordable roof repair services for all types of roofing. Need to save your vintage car from a leaking roof but not sure how to go about it? We can help you find the best garage roof repair services at the lowest prices.

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(Video) Garage Repair Information

No job is too big or too small for the Abune The Hill specialists on our network. Regardless of the roofing material, style or size, garage roofs require regular maintenance. Any faults in the roofing, even if they don't look severe, could result in serious structural and interior damage. Don't leave a dilapidated roof untreated, as ignoring roof damage could result in expensive replacement instead of more affordable repairs.

Inspecting Your Garage Roof

Owing to the fact that garages are used to store vehicles, tools and other accessories, many Orkney Islands homeowners fall into the habit of neglecting them to the point where the roof leaks badly or even ends up on the verge of collapsing before any action is taken. However, what they often don’t realise is that, should the roof collapse and land on their vehicle, a substantial amount of damage will be done.

It is recommended that you inspect your Abune The Hill garage roof once a year or after any severe weather has occurred. This will ensure that it does its job of protecting your vehicle and any other expensive items that may be stored in it.

Abune The Hill flat garage roofing repairs

Flat Garage Roof Repair

Flat roofs are susceptible to leaks due to rain water settlement if the drainage outlets are inadequate. Badly installed flashings may also cause problems. Regular maintenance is essential, especially if the roof is exposed to intense sunlight or extreme cold. Avoid walking on a flat garage roof to prevent punctures from shoes, as this may result in leaks. Rather pay now for repairs than risk needing a replacement.

Asphalt Garage Roof Repair

Asphalt is a popular coating for Abune The Hill garage roofs particularly if flat, as asphalt is generally quite resistant to wear and tear. Asphalt roofs do, however, require some amount of maintenance and may be susceptible to weather damage particularly extreme temperature changes. To protect your valuables from potential leaks, asphalt roofing must be of an adequate thickness and should only be laid by professionals. Laying asphalt can be difficult, and should therefore only be done by those qualified to do it.

repair your asphalt garage roof
repair thatched garage roofing for less

Thatched Garage Roof Repair

Thatched garage roofs are less common, but Abune The Hill garage roof professionals are still more than able to handle thatching. Thatched roofs can be damaged by rodents, birds, and severe weather. Birds tend to cause the most damage, stripping out entire sections of thatching for nest building. These holes will need to be regularly repaired in order to prevent leaks. Storms may cause damage to the ridge, which should be corrected immediately to prevent the need for an entire re-thatching.

Metal Garage Roof Repair

Metal roofing is a popular choice for many garages. Metal such as stainless steel, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead sheeting are considered durable, resistant to weather damage and ageing. Although metal garage roofs are less susceptible to damage, regular checks are still strongly suggested as thermal movement can occur. This movement can damage metal sheeting and flashing, which will require leadwork repairs.

repairing Abune The Hill metal garage roofing
repairing attached or unattached garage roofing

Attached vs. Unattached Roof Repair

Attached garages can sometimes entail a bit more work than their unattached counterparts, and this is especially true if your attached garage has extensive wiring and HVAC connectivity. For example, whereas an attached garage is typically connected to the same electrical circuits and HVAC system as the main house, an unattached garage is not. This means that a leak can cause far more damage in an attached garage in these cases. When asking for a quote, try to be as specific as possible for the best accuracy.

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The Difference Between Repairing a Sloped or Flat Garage Roof

The labour, materials, and overall cost of your garage roof repair will ultimately be determined by the slope of your roof. For example, if you have a sloped, shingled garage roof, the repairs are likely to take longer and be more expensive. Conversely, if you have a flat roof, repairs can range from simple to complex. Patching a flat roof is simple enough, and this is the most common repair.

Repair vs. Replacement

Deciding whether to repair or replace a garage roof can be difficult. Consider all the following before you pay for a costly repair:

  • The age of your roof. If your garage roof is past its life expectancy, it may be worth your while to consider a replacement. As roofing materials age, they become weaker and can no longer stand up to the elements as they once did. This can result in frequent, costly repairs.
  • The frequency of the repairs. If you find that you’re repairing your roof often, then it’s likely time to consider a garage roof replacement. Roofing materials don’t last forever, and this is especially true of the materials most commonly used on flat garage roofs.
  • The extent of the repairs. Finally, if you’ve been considering a garage roof replacement and you’re faced with major damage, it’s likely a better option to invest in a new garage roof. In many cases, it can be more economical to simply replace the roof than pay for extensive repairs.

Dangers of DIY

Why spend back breaking hours at the top of a ladder attempting to fix a damaged roof when the roof repair specialists are standing by? Shoddy repairs could end up costing you more in the long run, and could even result in a complete roof replacement, not to mention exorbitant medical bills should you fall off the roof! Paying for professional garage roof repair could end up saving you money in the long run.

DIY garage roofing repairs

Your Abune The Hill garage roof repair questions answered

This will depend on a number of factors, including the age and extent of damage. The experts can advise on the best and cheapest possible solution.

This is not recommended, as repairs that are not made properly could be ineffective, and may actually cause the condition of your roof to deteriorate. Not to mention the fact that working at height can be dangerous.

Most garages have flat roofs and flat roof repairs can be slightly more expensive than standard roof repairs. Depending on the amount of damage and the state of the roof, these repairs can cost from £250-£490.

A regular roofer can and will repair a garage roof. They are well versed in the repair and replacement of all types of roofs so there is no need for specialisations within the roofing field.

Any type of roof can actually be used on a garage. Most people choose the same material for both their garage and house to ensure continuity, making asphalt shingles the top choice among homeowners.

This depends on the type of roof on your garage. Most are flat roofs, which can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years or more depending on the materials used and the quality of the installation.

Many people store more than just cars in their garages, so damage to the garage roof can result in damage to anything stored in the building. As such, homeowners often ask whether roofing contractors work to repair garage roofs on an emergency basis. This depends primarily on the company, so when you fill out the form for a quote, be sure to mention that you need emergency repairs. You’ll be contacted by the companies that can provide those repairs.

A tarp may help to prevent further water damage to your garage roof, but it’s vital that you exercise extreme caution when applying a tarp. Remember that this isn’t a permanent fix, but rather a way to simply prevent damage while you wait for a professional repair. Never attempt to tarp your garage roof in inclement weather, and if you do not feel comfortable, be sure to call a professional. Placing a tarp can be dangerous.

The amount of time to inspect a garage roof will vary depending on its size and the type of material it has been constructed from. It can vary from a few minutes to more than an hour if the roof is excessively large.

This is not normally recommended, as homeowners or tenants often don’t know what to look for with regards to repair and maintenance work. There is also the risk of being seriously injured if you fall off the roof or ladder.

Repairs will be carried out according to the type of roofing material that has been used and the type of damage that has occurred to it. For example, different repair methods will be used on an asphalt roof compared to those used on a slate roof.

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Sample Repair Requests

If your Abune The Hill garage roof is leaking you're certainly not alone! We receive quote requests daily from others needing leaks and other damage rectified. Below you can see just a few of the requests received from those in a similar situation to yourself. Our expert roofers can handle all repairs needed.

Date Summary Request
20 Oct Asbestos Roof We have garage attached to the next door neighbour. The garage is what I believe is called a block or sectional type with an asbestos roof. The roof itself is complete with no leaks or anything and is in good order.
20 Oct Metal Roofing Repair/ possible Replacement of garage roof with metal (currently some wood siding) which is leaking.
20 Oct Damp Garage The inside of my garage is not wet with any puddles but it is definitely damp so water is getting in from somewhere and I suspect the roof. The roof is made of corrugated asbestos. The garage is within a "block" of 5 garages and is a "middle" garage - i.e. it has other garages on either side - whose roofs are made of the same asbestos material.
20 Oct New Garage Roof The roof to the garage for this property which is tenanted had to be removed due to asbestos so I am looking for a quote to replace the garage roof
20 Oct Corrugated Roof Quote for repairing hole in garage roof. Garage is not attached to the house. Garage is concrete with a flat corrugated roof. The hole is around 2ft x 2ft.
19 Oct Pre-Fab Garage Repair / Replacement of pre-fab garage roof. Clanning and guttering to be replaced also. All replacement material considered
19 Oct Waterproof Roof Detached garage needs a replacement corrugated roof fixing. Needs to be waterproof as we want to keep electrical appliances in garage. Old roof has already been removed. Original frame still in tact.
19 Oct Partial Repair New garage roof which forms park of block of garages. Repair to front part of garage above door. Possibility of more people in the block having theirs done at same time.
19 Oct Asphalt Repair Garage roof repair/replacement. Size approximately 5 m X 3 m. Currently wood panel with asphalt & shingle covering. Would like metal roofing over the top. Very gradual slope from back to front. Thanks
19 Oct Garage Roof Repair Our garage roofing is in need of repairs. A number of tiles have lifted in the strong winds and it's started to leak a little. Please get in touch asap.
Rodent Damage I have had problems with squirrels in my garden and they have done damage to the roof of my garage. It does not appear to be too serious; however I need garage roof repair services. Will you please offer a quote?
Leaking Roof I woke up this morning to a leaking garage, and some of my work tools have been damaged. I have moved them, but need garage roof repair services straight away. I am not sure what is causing the leak, but I have pinpointed the location. Please provide me with a quote.
Storm Damage The roof in our garage has suffered some damage from a recent storm. We need a garage roof repair as soon as possible. What is your best quote for this? Thank you.
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